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Last Updated: February 1st, 2017
Another fresh week and time for an all new and all hot bad boy bondage scene to be showed off to you all. As you know by now, this site here is the best place that you can drop by and visit whenever you want to see either kinky twinks or expert doms in action in some truly incredible and hot BDSM scenes. And this week’s one is pretty much the same glorious show that you can always expect to see too. The title is very very fitting of the whole thing as there’s no master in this one, just two twinks left to their own devices to play with one another in their master’s dungeon. Well let’s get the show rolling and see them playing with one another.

Right from the start of this hot badboybondage scene you can see that the two are all tied up with chains and such so they don’t have anywhere to go but to keep each other company. So take your time and watch closely as some truly nice and hot studs get to play with one another today. Watch as one gets to sit and lay back while his new fuck buddy gets to go down on him and start sucking and jacking him off fast and hard too. And by the end of the whole superb scene, both of them get covered in one another’s jizz loads too. We hope you had fun and don’t forget to take your time and check out the papithugz site for similar content or the other superb past scenes that we have laying around!

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Bad Boy Bondage Video – Riding The Dildo

Hi there guys and gals. We bring you some truly incredible and hot bad boy bondage updates to check out as always but this time we have a very very special one here. That’s because this isn’t your regular all images gallery featuring the studs playing. Oh no, this one is a fully fledged full motion video as you get tom check out the guys in action and we’re betting that you’ll want to see even more like it in the future. And you will, as we plan on mixing it up starting from next week when we’ll have another steamy video to show you too. But for now, let’s just get around to focus on this week’s nice and kinky badboybondage update shall we?

As the video starts off, you can see that the two guys here were already well into their session. The dom is providing some rough treatment to his submissive sex slave before any pleasure goes down too. So let’s just sit back and relax with this scene as you get to watch the slave getting made to do squats all naked while gagged and tied up as well mind you. And he does that because he knows that all of this turmoil will lead to the best release that he’s ever going to experience at the end. And yes you do get to see that part as well if you check the whole video out or enter the maskurbate site for similar hardcore gay sex vids! Well, have fun with it and we’ll see you again next week with the next video!

Watch this submissive slave receiving a rough treatment!

Scream For Boy

Well here we are yet again and you know the drill. It’s once more the time to see some bad boy bondage scenes unfold this afternoon and we have another new pairing that is sure to rock your world. This time the dom is a masked stud that gets to tease his sub and play with him all he wants in his purple sex dungeon and naturally you get to bare witness to the whole amazing scene too. The twink was very very naughty this afternoon so his latex helmet clad master gets to punish him for his disobedience in what ever manner he deems fit for the whole duration of this delicious badboybondage gallery here for the afternoon!

Right from the get go, you can see the man slut laying on his back on the leather table. And the dom walks around with his whip flogging him every now and then when he least expects it. And he turns him over as well since that naughty ass could use a whipping too. Well once the master had enough of the whip play, he starts to tie up the guy with some silky white string and suspends him into the air as well. It’s just amazing to see them having that kinky and naughty S&M session on camera today and we kind of hope that these two will be back again in future updates too just like you. Also you can enter Austin Zane‘s blog and see some horny studs hammering each other’s butthole! Anyway, check them out and see you all soon with more new and hot scenes!


Take a look at this twink getting tied up and punished!

Mikeal and Chad in Action

Mikeal and Chad are the two stars of this fresh and new bad boy bondage update here. Mikeal being the master. You just have to see their scene as these two have some amazing S&M sessions together and this is the first one to be on camera too. And trust us when we say that you’ll adore seeing Chad getting to be the sub as well as he begs for release to the master until he eventually gets it. Of course, it all takes place in Mikeal’s dungeon and all the appliances for pleasure are present there without fail. So let’s take our time to check out this action scene with two of the most amazing guys that we have at badboybondage shall we?


The sexy twink Chad gets to be dragged by a chain attached to his little collar by the master Mikeal as soon as the scene starts and the two make their entry to the scene. As you can see he’s very submissive right from the start as he know he’s about to have a good time. Well Mikeal has him bending over and sitting on all fours for the first command, something that Chad does immediately. Then you can see the whip being whipped out and you can enjoy a session of Chad moaning in pleasure while his cute ass gets whipped. Of course there’s plenty more to check out in their scene today so do take your time to check it all out. You can find similar content inside the cocodorm site, so check it out and watch some bad boys from the hood fucking and sucking all over the place We’ll see you again next week!

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Master Play

As usual welcome to some more new and fresh bad boy bondage scenes. we have some more simply incredible pictures to show off to you in today’s simply stunning and hot update and you can bet that they are as hot as all the previous scenes that you have gotten to see around here. So let’s kick this one off without delay as you get to see another dom that shows off his mastery of playing with his subs in such a way that they reach the absolute heights of pleasure while getting dominated and we bet you’ll love it. It falls in line with the best of the best badboybondage scenes that you have gotten to see thus far and there will only be more in the future.

Anyway, in this one, the master wants to show you a peek at what it truly means to have another person in your delicate care and make sure that they climax through some well placed teasing and enticing. So to start, the guy ties his sub to the wooden pole thing he has set up and he’s all ready to start the play. Take your time to see him starting to tease him with touching all over and even some spanking just like in bang bang boys videos! And of course, that gets his sub rock hard. Now it was the time to make him cum, so watch closely as he gets to put his hands to good use as he masterfully jerks the guy off while he moans in pleasure even with his mouth gagged. Have fun!


Take a look at this twink getting tied up and punished!

Bad Boy Bondage Luke Stevens

Another fresh week and time for everyone to see a superb bad boy bondage scene shown off right here and right now. What we have here is a scene that features on the dom for a change. His name is Luke Stevens and as you can see he’s the guy holding the reins for this week’s simply delicious bdsm scene. And he’s got himself a nice man slut that he gets to toy with and bring to the heights of pleasure as that’s his job as a dom. But first he demands some pleasing as well from him. Let’s get around to check out their scene and see Luke hard at work with this fresh sex slave that he has here today. So without further due, let the cameras roll.


The cameras start to roll and the first thing you can see in this badboybondage scene is Luke bringing in his special guest to his very very special black room downstairs. Once they get in there, the sub gets to work on his master’s clothes to take them off and the likes and he makes a fine job of it doing quick work. Well Luke is impressed and now he whips out his cock for the guy to suck on. Watch him sitting back and moaning in pleasure as he gets that big cock sucked and slurped on today. It all goes well anyway so then you can see him pleasing his sub anally afterwards as well. Check out the cinemale site for more free videos and erotic pictures featuring some Hollywood hunks! Anyway great scene to say the least and we’ll have even more ready for you next week everyone.

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Latin Punishment part 2

This week’s new and hot bad boy bondage is going to impress you for sure. Hey there again everyone and welcome back to some more S&M play sessions with hot studs that know how to work the whole thing and put on some of the greatest shows that you have ever seen. Our pairing this week features two very well endowed and sexy black studs as you can see and all you really need to know about them is that the sub is the Latino. Well his master is here to play with him all afternoon long so you can bet that you get to check out some pretty sweet and sensual badboybondage images in this gallery with the two of them here.

The hot Latino guy gets to be tied up first and foremost as the mater wants him standing in one spot and not moving too much. Then the black dude, drops his pants and whips out that nice and huge black cock. see the Latino guy getting on his knees and sucking and getting around to deep throat it as well. But this was just the start of the whole thing as the master has some nice anal play in mind with his slave for today too. So do take your time to enjoy seeing them playing with one another today and you will get to enjoy one of our best gay fuck sessions on the site. We will be joining you again next week and you can bet that we’ll have new content! Until then, enter the site and see some hot Japanese guys nailing each other senseless! Stay tuned, we have a lot of surprises for you!


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Kayden Winters

Today’s fresh and sexy bad boy bondage scene features a very hot and steaming gallery featuring another new dom and his sub. And the main focus in it is the sub himself as he gets to show off his oral expertise on camera for you all. His name is Kayden Winters and you can bet that he knows how to suck some good cock too. The dom has prepared a nice little setting as well as he tied him to a sort of wall and he’s going to have himself a bit of glory hole fun this afternoon. We bet you’re all eager to check it out now so let’s just get to it and watch Kayden in some incredible oral action for today’s sensual badboybondage update shall we?


Kayden gets to enter the room following his master of course and the guy seems have already gotten his cute and round butt whipped by the master too. Anyway, they get to this wall looking thing where Kayden gets to be secured by and meanwhile the master goes on teh other side and slides his cock through the whole in the said wall. See Kayden wrapping his juicy lips around the meat pole and see his head moving back and forth in motion as he sucks and slurps on that cock with a passion, just like the guys from bukbuddies site! And you can bet your asses that Kayden won’t stop until he makes his master’s cock blow it’s load in his mouth too. Check it all out and see you next time!

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Bad Boy Bondage Had Enough

Hey there everyone, bad boy bondage here with another new scene. We bring you a new pair of guys getting to star in their very own hot and sexy badboybondage scene today. So let’s sit back and check it out as you get to see the sub getting a tad of a punishment for being naughty today. Trick is he actually loves it and even though the master knows this he still goes through with it. All in all it’s just another superb scene to see so let’s just get to it. We bet you’re eager to check them out too because as you know there’s never a dull moment when subs and doms play kinky in their sex dungeons. So let those cameras roll without delay!

The badboybondage cameras begin to roll and you can see that the guy with the bowl cut is the one on the recieving end today. He gets himself tied up nicely to the metal thing in the back by the dom and he’s got very little space to move in while he’s at the mercy of the guy. It’s totally fine though, as the dom starts to tease him by touching his body all over and as you can see, that only serves to make the guy’s cock nice and hard. That’s what the dom wants as he’s going to milk him dry today. Sit back and watch the master starting to use his hands to jerk him off fast and hard and not stopping until he drains all of his jizz today too. For more action, enter the darkthunder site and see some horny studs screwing their tight asses until they both cum!  Enjoy!


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Dungeon Twinks

Hey there guys, we’re back with a new bad boy bondage scene for you to see and check out and we bet you’ll adore it. Why? well today we get to see a sub, the trick is that he’s all alone in his little dungeon. yes you read that right. It is his. It’s normal for subs to have their own dungeons too as when they get to have some experienced doms over then they can have them use all the toys that they want around the place. So let’s sit back and watch this superb and sexy solo badboybondage scene and see the sub getting some quality alone time like we said. We can guarantee and promise that this is one scene that you will adore as well today!


Well, when the scene starts, you can see him getting to go to the table in the center of the room and once there, he takes a spot onto it. All nude of course. Well as we stated he had all the time to himself today and he was going to make full use of that by getting around to pleasure himself for a nice and long while in his special room. Check him out laying on his back and starting to stroke that meat shaft with his hands and see him getting harder and harder. Wanna see other hot guys masturbating? If you do, enter the manavenue site or eventually you get to check this hot guy out masturbating fast and hard for the cameras and you all and you can see him blowing a load all over himself when he’s all done with it. See you all soon!

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